Air Up There.
May 30, 2009, 6:05 am
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Genius. Unlike most production companies, Pixar has been substituting quality for quantity, producing one film a year. And it’s hard for anyone to complain because they’ve been on a massive roll, each one seemingly better than the last. The follow-up to last summer’s Wall-E is no different. Up was as enjoyable a movie as I’ve seen.

I’ve always felt that these movies, disguised in CGI animation, are much more geared towards adults than they initially seem. Sure, the overall appearance attracts the kids to the theaters, but the themes and ideologies are every bit as grown-up as the latest Scorsese film. In my opinion, the classical 2-D Disney movies were much more relatable for children.

In any event, Up was a genuine story that was beautifully told, and even though I expected it to be great, it still blew me away. As the credits began to roll, I sat there, trying to figure out something about the film that I didn’t like. Nitpicking is something I tend to do before / after / during a movie. The only problem was I couldn’t think of anything. Actually, I probably would have made it a bit longer.

The streak continues. Let’s hope Toy Story 3 doesn’t tank. Who am I kidding? We all know it won’t.

5.0/5.0 stars


– JD


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