May 22, 2009, 12:51 pm
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There were mixed reviews coming out of Sundance, but after seeing the trailer, I told myself I would watch this film anyway and conjure up my own opinion. Steven Soderbergh filmed The Girlfriend Experience during the 2008 election in 16 days with a budget just under 2 million. The main character is an escort, who promises what the title offers — an experience. She gives men a girlfriend, someone to vent to, talk politics with, and give monetary advice to. It’s a profession that would suck the life out of anyone.

Sasha Grey (a real-life porn star) is cast as Chelsea. Her character struggles with balancing her professional relationships and her realtionship with her boyfriend. Grey’s performance is nothing spectacular. In fact, it’s actually pretty dull most of the time. But it was exactly the type of performance needed for this role. It was both believable and understandable. And when it came to the rare instances when she had to show emotion, those moments were magnified, and carried more significance.

The film was, however, missing that one scene that I felt was needed. As an audience, we felt for her character, but we could have felt more. The Experience was strong overall, but didn’t leave the lasting impression I was looking for.

4/5 stars


– JD


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Check-out Pietrobruno’s GFE: GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE. You might find the film (and the interview link below) interesting.


A man obsessed with prostitutes discovers that love is a lot more expensive than sex. A peek into the world of prostitution from the client’s point of view. Movies often portray sex-workers, but their customers remain well hidden – faceless and nameless. Pietrobruno’s GFE: Girlfriend Experience calls attention to this bias, at the same time as it shifts the cinematic gaze onto the client.

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