April 13, 2009, 6:38 pm
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“The mark of intelligence is having the capacity of holding two conflicting
ideas in your head at one time.”

A strong film, Towelhead (Nothing is Private) tells the story of Jasira, a Lebanese-American adolescent, as she encounters the harsh realities of racism, sexual confusion, abuse, and an over-bearing father. Summer Bishill’s performance was incredible and American Beauty director Alan Ball does a great job of telling a story as disturbing as this one. And yes, it’s very painful to watch.

Some might suggest the movie is too disturbing. And at times, you may wonder where all of it is going. I saw it differently. Teen angst is a story we see much of in today’s movies, but rarely do we get such an intense glimpse into the issues of growing up in a world as divided and confused as ours. And there’s are a lot of us who don’t even realize it’s divided. To those people — this movie’s for you. Watch this film and watch it intently.



– JD


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Comment by kimberls.

I was going to pass this one over but your review made me reconsider. Thanks.

Also, what is the 3.5 out of? If we should “watch it intently”, shouldn’t the number be higher?

Comment by natebard

well, i consider 3.5 to be pretty high on the scale. a 3.0 would be a film i recommend, and anything higher is definitely worth your time.

Comment by jdiaz

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