March 30, 2009, 8:10 pm
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the big cactus

If you haven’t been paying attention to Shaquille O’neal‘s twitter page lately, maybe you should. It’s hilarious. Not too long ago, Shaq left a tweet saying “In the ritz carlton wt my agent whoeva touches me gets two tickets tomorro”. The following is an excerpt from the story of the guy who happened to touch Shaq first:


As we weaved our way through a field, a parking lot, 24th street and the Ritz-Carlton lobby we couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that we had transformed from typical male working adults into two star-struck sports fans that were about to meet the NBA’s 6th all-time leading scorer.

When we got to the lobby, we had no clue where we would find the Big Twitterer, but we took a chance and headed to the hotel restaurant. Sure enough there he was, sitting at a table in the corner. He and his agent were the only two people in the entire place -not that an NBA center is that hard to spot even in a crowded restaurant- and eating what we could only assume was lunch.

As we approached, we heard Shaq tell his agent “told you so”. Apparently his agent didn’t believe the marketing power of twitter. Our journey which started six minutes prior ended with him congratulating us, shaking our hands, telling us that we were probably the fastest ever to reach him and asking us our names (guess all that running and the fact that we work by the Ritz paid off).

Greg Esposito


Awesome. Read the entire story here. I wonder where the guys actually touched Shaq. Must’ve been awkward.

– JD



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Thanks for the link. Shaq’s Twitter entries are funny and he just seems to be a cool guy. I like reading the stories of people who met him, because of Twitter.

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