Traffic School.
January 21, 2009, 10:16 am
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I should be glad that I was able to take traffic school online instead of spending 8 painful hours in a crowded classroom on a Saturday. I should be. But all I can think about was how incredibly boring it was. I’m sure if you asked someone who took both, they would say classes on the internet are better. But I wouldn’t know — I never got a traffic ticket up until a couple months ago.  And I don’t plan on getting another one in the near future. I feel like they could’ve told me “don’t speed anymore” and I would’ve gotten the message. But instead, they make me read every single rule and regulation of the road. The speeding limit is 65, by the way. That’s all I needed to know.

But maybe this is all done by design. I mean, it would be smart to make traffic school as tiresome as possible, because that way, drivers would learn to obey the law. Still, it sucks. My favorite part of it all is how they place random sentences into the text to make sure you’re actually reading. “Phil Collins is my favorite recording artist” was a good one. It’s true though. Phil Collins is a great man.

Lost, aka the greatest television show to ever grace the small screen finally returns tonight. 8 months is a long wait.

– JD


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