He may not be the prettiest dude you’ve seen, but he can act. I finally got the chance to watch The Wrestler, the story of Randy “The Ram” Robinson. Although a lot has been said about the performance of Sean Penn in Milk, there’s absolutely no denying the great work done by Mickey Rourke here. It’s a tough year for the Best Actor category, that’s for sure. Movies, in general, have had great year. It’s disappointing to see this film not getting the credit it truly deserves with not enough nominations to go around. Both Darren Aronofsky and Marisa Tomei deserve recognition, but unfortunately, probably won’t get it this year.

The Wrestler ranks right up there with, or might even surpass (depending on who you ask), Slumdog Millionaire. It was flawless. It’s a shame movies with the higher budget and instant recognition will get more attention. With all due respect to Benjamin Button, that film simply shouldn’t be mentioned with the likes of Frost/Nixon, Revolutionary Road, etc. In my eyes, it’s not at that level. But every year, without fail, there always has to be a film that gets snubbed. This year, it’s The Wrestler.

– JD


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