Full Swing.


I heard this one song on the radio again. I believe it’s called “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” It gets me every time. Anyone who hasn’t heard it should definitely search for it. Google it. Youtube it. Just find it. There are few things in life greater than that song.

Let’s see. It’s that time of year where everyone is seemingly so busy. I haven’t had much free time lately. Finals are next week. So I’m definitely looking forward to that. Just about the only thing that makes finals bearable is knowing I get over a month break immediately after. But busy is good, especially in December. All it means is the holidays are in full swing. Speaking of the holidays, I gotta have that Home Alone marathon soon — it’s tradition.

You know what also happens during December? Viruses. I’m asking nicely. If you have a cold, the flu, or anything that might resemble a cold or flu, please, stay as far away from me as you can. I’ve already had my fair share of colds this year. I don’t need anymore. My roommate is trying desperately to pass his sickness on to someone else, but I’m not having any of it. I’m seriously contemplating whether or not I should break out my surgical mask. Always better to be safe.

– JD


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I got a cold for your secret santa gift.

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