November 22, 2008, 3:23 pm
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hard candy

A friend recommended Hard Candy movie to me, so I figured it was harmless enough. The description sounded a little intriguing as well. But harmless? If you call a fourteen-year-old Ellen Page strapping a thirty-something man to a table and proceeding to castrate him harmless, then yeah, it was. I actually thought the movie was good. The dialogue was well-written, and the acting was solid, but I couldn’t help but wonder. Wonder how exactly a sane human being (I’m assuming) could write a film like this. Either he has an imagination like no other or the more likely scenario, there’s probably something really wrong with the person.

KOST has started playing Christmas songs on the radio, which means the holiday season is officially underway. Thanksgiving is on its way, then comes the shopping, and the chaos. Some call it hectic. I call it awesome.

– JD


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I really liked this movie when I saw it. I showed it to my ex-boyfriend and he freaked out, all b/c of the castrating scene. He would freak out every time I said “Hard Candy.”

Comment by amc1087

im glad you watched hardcandy. hooray for netflix, jj :]

btw, good ear with the KOST catch. i caught it last night at 3 am. don’t ask why 3 am.

Comment by kimberls

i would get no credit.

Comment by anonymous

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