This is a big deal. I arrived on campus, and noticed that the normal barrage of students blocking my path to class wasn’t there. It seemed empty, almost. One can only assume they were voting. You know? That whole election thing is supposed to be going on today. I tried counting how many “I Voted” stickers I saw, but quickly lost track. This is a good sign, as it appears college students (at least in our university) are walking the walk and actually turning out to vote.

I plan on voting later today after class. It’s my first general election I will be a part of, and to tell you the truth, I’m excited about it. I know my vote, technically, won’t matter. California and its 55 electoral votes are going to Senator Obama. It’s no secret. Still, regardless of the outcome tonight, I’ll be a part of history. That being said, I didn’t wait this long to see my candidate lose. And if it happens, I already told my mother I plan on moving to Canada. But in all seriousness, people should vote for the free Krispy Kreme and Starbucks alone.

I will be glued to the television tonight watching Wolf and Campbell, as the polls close and the latest precinct numbers come in. My prediction? It’s all on you, Pennsylvania. And let’s not forget the all important propositions. Make no mistake about it. This is a big deal.

– JD


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