Vote. Or Don’t.

Dear Potential Voters,

With only 9 days left until the big day, I’m sure most of you guys have already made up your mind. Chances are, if you know me, you know that I’ve been a fervent supporter of Senator Barack Obama, even before he began his campaign nearly 2 years ago. I’ve followed him every step of the way, in what will be a successful campaign, no matter what happens next Tuesday.

However, under no circumstances does that mean I don’t respect those who decide to vote for Senator McCain — that is, if they truly believe they are making the right choice. I’ve seen so many organizations urging the country to vote, because it is our right. A right we should exercise. Those public service announcements featuring Leo DiCaprio and the entire Gossip Girl cast are all fine and dandy, but they fall short of sending out the complete message.

Yes, all those capable of voting should vote, but only if they are aware of the issues and the candidates’ views. Everyone knows this is a historic election. A person voting based on nothing but instinct and a candidate’s appearance is a wasted vote. We would all be better off if those people stayed home on November 4. The truth is, I’ve seen and heard the voices of young individuals who are more capable of voting than many eligible adults, but unfortunately, they aren’t allowed to get in the booths and vote.

Every time the thought that my vote won’t matter enters my head, I think back to when I watched the 2000 election from home as a 12-year-old, wishing I could vote for the Gore/Lieberman ticket, so I could somehow, someway, prevent W from taking office. We all know how well that turned out.

Don’t waste your voice. Get educated and vote. There’s still time.

Your friend,
J Diaz


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