The Lakers/FC Barcelona matchup was fun to watch. During an arduous time like the pre-season, it can become a bit boring watching the same games over and over again, so it was refreshing to change things up a bit. The stark differences between international basketball and the game here in the US was clearly evident. Luckily, the Lakers have several great all-around players who adapt easily to any pace and style.

A couple of things caught my eye. Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza, both former UCLA Bruins, connected on a number of baskets. They need a nickname, ASAP.  If Chris Rock and Kanye West had a kid, he would look exactly like Brandon Heath.

I love how even though Sarah Palin made her way onto SNL this weekend, the writers still managed to find a way to make fun of her. Musical guest Adele did her thing. Her soulful voice is so soothing, I almost went to sleep watching her. Almost.

– JD


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haha, so true about Heath. Lakers are looking good. Let’s rock the Raptors tonight!

Comment by giveandgo

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