Go Figure.

Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon, for about 3 hours each day, I sit and draw naked people. Or I suppose the correct term would be nude. Models from all walks of life come into our studio and pose for us in positions you and I could never think of. This isn’t the partial nudity they warn you about before watching an R-rated movie. This is full out nudity. From head to toe. I’ve found that people become extremely uncomfortable when I show them my quick sketches. Some find it amusing, but almost everyone is ready to throw a handful of questions at me.

Figure Drawing courses represent, in essence, everything I love about art. Granted, drawing is technically not my career emphasis, but it’s something I’ve participated in regularly and enjoyed doing since I was very young. And yes, I would draw an elderly, overweight woman over a bowl of fruit any day of the week. Everything about people fascinates me, and drawing their facial expressions in my sketchbook is something I will never grow tired of doing.

I enjoy the gradual development involved in a drawing and the sense of accomplishment I feel after I have finished something I worked hard on (which isn’t very often). But it really is hard to completely focus on what I’m doing when the model starts talking about random subjects, ranging from movies to guitars. They really know how to make things awkward. Not only that, but talking often results in them unconsciously changing positions. My proposal? If there are any professional figure models out there reading this, please don’t speak when you’re up on that stage.

– JD


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Gosh this post is so much different than your Laker postings. haha. I like it. You’re very good. I think as kids we’re conditioned to be uncomfortable around nudity. Good job coping!

Comment by sweetiegirlz

maybe have a look at oskar kokoshka of egon scheile, your tutors should have told you about them already!

oh I teach life drawing by the way!

Comment by deanmelbourne

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