Lakers tickets went on sale this morning and luckily, I was able to get some seats for a couple games before they sold out. I can’t wait. I know some of you may not believe me (some will), but I’m wearing purple and gold as I type this.

Stopped by Loud & Obnoxious headquarters to take a look at their new fall line. I picked up the new version of their infamous Naughty Hudgens tee because I didn’t get a chance to buy the original. Not to mention I now have something to wear for the movie premiere. One thing I respect about those guys is they have a clear purpose to what they do. They don’t just print random shirts for shits and giggles, and it shows.

I hope there is someone out there willing to buy me TiVo, DVR, or some other form of recording live media, because, well, it would help me a lot. I rushed home to catch SNL, and good thing for me, it was well worth it. The best overall episode of the season so far. Something I wasn’t aware of — Anne Hathaway has incredible comedic timing. Kudos to the princess.

P.S. It rained today, and I kind of liked it.

– JD


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