The Sad Truth.
October 3, 2008, 12:12 am
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Don’t let this happen to you on November 4. What does it say about our country when the only place we hear about these kinds of things taking place is on The Simpsons? And even then, I’m almost certain this isn’t going to be taken very seriously. I mean, what could a cartoon ever tell us about real life, right?

On a related note, there’s a bit of controversy surrounding the Vice Presidential debate that took place tonight. Something obviously appeared to be bothering Sarah Palin‘s eye most of the night. Some people say she was “winking.” Personally, I think it’s an Alaskan thing. You be the judge.

– JD


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ahahaha I saw that wink so clearly and to my side jan swooning over sexy sarah after that stupid wink haha.

Comment by Chloe

my professors believe palin has a language disorder. something like auditory processing, with a dash of aphasia….circumlocution, look it up.

Comment by kimberls.

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