Ron Clark Academy.

A friend sent this video my way, and I really enjoyed it. So now you can, too. If 2008 had a theme song, this would be it.

– JD


Wall to Wall.

Pictured above are the awesome lockers in the art department of Cal State Long Beach. Almost every inch of the entire room is covered in vibrant colors. I thought it would make for a good photo.

I went to a Halloween store yesterday, just for kicks. And I gotta say, costumes aren’t what they used to be. They’re all the same, year after year. The best one I saw was an actual Iron Man mask, going for around 80 bucks. I entertained the thought in my head. I considered buying the mask/helmet, and using Halloween as an excuse because the truth is, I would wear it at any time during the year.

Opening night for the Lakers couldn’t have gone any better. Thankfully, the team has stepped up their defense, and their depth has got to be the league’s best. The key this year is staying healthy. It’s easier said than done. Just ask Greg Oden. I really do feel sorry for the guy. He just can’t catch a break. Here’s hoping he gets back on the court soon.

What to watch tonight: Obama in Primetime. CBS, NBC, and/or FOX. 8pm.

– JD

Vote. Or Don’t.

Dear Potential Voters,

With only 9 days left until the big day, I’m sure most of you guys have already made up your mind. Chances are, if you know me, you know that I’ve been a fervent supporter of Senator Barack Obama, even before he began his campaign nearly 2 years ago. I’ve followed him every step of the way, in what will be a successful campaign, no matter what happens next Tuesday.

However, under no circumstances does that mean I don’t respect those who decide to vote for Senator McCain — that is, if they truly believe they are making the right choice. I’ve seen so many organizations urging the country to vote, because it is our right. A right we should exercise. Those public service announcements featuring Leo DiCaprio and the entire Gossip Girl cast are all fine and dandy, but they fall short of sending out the complete message.

Yes, all those capable of voting should vote, but only if they are aware of the issues and the candidates’ views. Everyone knows this is a historic election. A person voting based on nothing but instinct and a candidate’s appearance is a wasted vote. We would all be better off if those people stayed home on November 4. The truth is, I’ve seen and heard the voices of young individuals who are more capable of voting than many eligible adults, but unfortunately, they aren’t allowed to get in the booths and vote.

Every time the thought that my vote won’t matter enters my head, I think back to when I watched the 2000 election from home as a 12-year-old, wishing I could vote for the Gore/Lieberman ticket, so I could somehow, someway, prevent W from taking office. We all know how well that turned out.

Don’t waste your voice. Get educated and vote. There’s still time.

Your friend,
J Diaz

Not a Luxury.

It’s a different experience seeing things in person. After studying image after image in Art History courses, everything begins to look the same. It gets tiresome, and we forget that we’re dealing with actual works. The Getty Villa in Malibu was a great way to remind me that these things do actually exist.

Last night, for whatever reason, I found myself sitting in a movie theater at Dowtown Disney watching the first showing of High School Musical 3. It’s all a blur, to tell you the truth. Don’t judge and don’t ask questions. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to have watched the first two movies, I would say this one was better. And I understand why this one was put in theaters — the timely scenes of Vanessa Hudgens‘ skirt being lifted. Keep those kiddies away.

The best commercial so far this year? Top ten for sure.

– JD

Maxim Exposure.

I’m a sucker for lists. If someone compiles a list of the best, worst, funniest, loudest, sexiest anything, I’ll take the time to pay attention to it. I’m really strange like that. But then again, I think most people actually enjoy lists as well. Otherwise, why else would they exist?

I caught Maxim’s Hot 100, a list of the hottest women on the face of the planet (2008 version), on VH1, and I had a few gripes. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to things this trivial. But this list was so ridiculous, I had to put in my two cents. You might have seen the list already since it was released all the way back in May. But still, there’s something inherently wrong with ranking girls who literally, a couple years ago, were not even legal. In fact, a couple of them are still regulars on the Disney channel, if I’m not mistaken (or so I’ve heard).

I understand everyone has different preferences, but no one in their right mind (male or female) would place Ashley Tisdale #10 on a list like this. I’m fairly certain her own mother wouldn’t place her  in the top 10, so how could a room full of so-called “writers” do it? Nothing against her — I’m not suggesting she’s ugly or undeserving, by any stretch. But c’mon. Really? Just to put things in perspective, Sharpay was ranked higher than Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Heidi Klum, Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Love Hewitt, all the Pussycat Dolls and Mila Kunis, just to name a few. You can click to see the full list and judge for yourself.

P.S. I think it’s hilarious only one Olsen twin made it.

– JD


I forget how much I love to sleep. If there’s one thing I love more than sleeping, it’s sleeping during Winter. I sound like a bear, don’t I?

I recently got my roommates (with the exception of one stubborn Heroes fanatic) addicted to Lost. It seems like every night, we’re stuck in the living room wasting more and more of our time watching episode after episode, or in my case re-watching. Anyone who has seen it regularly will tell you, it’s an amazing show. I really wish I got a nickel for every person i “recruited.” It almost always starts and ends the same way. They’re always overly skeptical in the beginning. Really, how good can this show be? People stuck on an island? And then what?

And before you know it, they’ve watched two seasons in a week. It’s that good.

Two of my favorite people ever, Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones, have the answer to our global financial crisis. See the video. Why didn’t I think of that?

– JD


The Lakers/FC Barcelona matchup was fun to watch. During an arduous time like the pre-season, it can become a bit boring watching the same games over and over again, so it was refreshing to change things up a bit. The stark differences between international basketball and the game here in the US was clearly evident. Luckily, the Lakers have several great all-around players who adapt easily to any pace and style.

A couple of things caught my eye. Jordan Farmar and Trevor Ariza, both former UCLA Bruins, connected on a number of baskets. They need a nickname, ASAP.  If Chris Rock and Kanye West had a kid, he would look exactly like Brandon Heath.

I love how even though Sarah Palin made her way onto SNL this weekend, the writers still managed to find a way to make fun of her. Musical guest Adele did her thing. Her soulful voice is so soothing, I almost went to sleep watching her. Almost.

– JD