They’re my new favorite sound because they get my soul dancing.
And I’m pretty sure they would do the same for you.

Fantasy basketball has started. I’m a little worried I’ll spend too much time with it, but it’s not like I have much choice. It’s like a really bad drug I can’t get enough of. That is, if I even knew what drugs felt like — which I don’t. I’m serious. I don’t.

I saw a trailer of the new movie, W, based on the life and times of George W. Bush. We already saw that movie, didn’t we? It was called Billy Madison. No really, it got me thinking. Who, in their right mind, would ever want to watch this movie? But realistically, someone more important than me decided that there would be a lot of people eager to watch this film. How he/she got to that conclusion, I’ll never know.

– JD


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they were on itunes free download of the week couple weeks ago.

not gna lie.

pretty good

Comment by johnny vergara

I’m not eager. But interested in Oliver Stone’s work.. Tell me your not interested in a how someone can turn the one of the worst presidents (if not the worst) into a proper cinematic feature. I’ll tell you how it is when i catch it, or if i catch it. ;]

Comment by Chloe

by proper cinematic feature i meant, not some lame tv movie or straight to dvd. how it got to such a proportion plus with josh brolin casted i don’t know. so the subtle hype is what im interested in.

Comment by Chloe

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