Always Right?
September 21, 2008, 3:28 pm
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I haven’t been feeling too well the last couple days and consequently, have not been out much. I’ve had a bothersome cold, but it’s gradually getting a little better. Last night, I went to Papa John’s to pick up some pizza for me and the fam. As I walked in the door, I saw a customer yelling at one of the workers. Apparently, she wanted to pay with a $100 bill, but they didn’t accept bills that large. She was furious, yelling at the worker’s face and demanding she write down her full name. One would presume she would call and complain.

I always felt there had to be a fine line between the customer always being right and the customer acting like a complete asshole. I remember when I used to work a cashier, there was one woman who paid with a $100 bill. I started looking for that marker that determines whether the bill is real or not, and she immediately snatched the 100 out of my hands and paid with a smaller bill. Yeah, I’m guessing it was fake. I’m not necessarily suggesting the Papa John’s woman was using conterfeit money, but yeah, she probably was.

Anywho, I saw the trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and while it looks slightly funny, I’ll be willing to bet most people will watch the movie thinking it’s an Apatow film. I’m here to remind you all that it’s not. Beware.

– JD


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NO! The customer isn’t always right, take it from me having just been a cashier for lets see 10 days before I got tired of their b.s. (i’ve been cashiering since i was 17 on and off and I’m 43 now. Rude customers: we should be allowed to slap them at will.

Comment by sweetiegirlz

I am an artist painting pets.
I hope you can come to appreciate my work.

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