Gosh Darn It.
September 9, 2008, 11:40 pm
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The diehard SNL fans know him best as Stuart Smalley, a classic character I grew up watching everyday during Comedy Central’s 80’s reruns. Well, he just won the democratic Senate primary in Minnesota. I’m actually really surprised he’s come this far. When it comes to politics, he’s always had his fair share of critics and controversy. To think that he could actually be a state Senator is pretty cool.

As far as the VMA‘s go, I think it was pretty underwhelming. The venue was rather small and the deliberate attempts to revive Britney Spears’ career were obvious. During the post show, Perez Hilton pretty much slammed Russell Brand for poking fun at the Jonas Brothers’ expense. That’s a bit ironic, considering this dude makes a living off trashing other celebrities. What a douchebag.

On a happier note, we finally have internet at the new apartment, which is always a good thing.

– J Diaz


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not to mention electricity (no more rushing to get everything done before the sun goes down), gas (no more cold showers), and cable (you can do more than just play rock band and 2k)


have a nice day!

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