For a couple hours, I was allowed to sit back, relax, and enjoy a momentary hiatus from the everyday grind. Movies really are proving to be the perfect getaway for me. Advanced screening of Body of Lies tonight. Having Leo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe in the same film will always make for an intriguing dialogue. There are probably better movies in the same genre out there, but it’s definitely worth watching. If anything, watch it for DiCaprio’s goatee. That thing has a mind of its own.

I picked up Forgetting Sarah Marshall at Best Buy. Someone please explain to me why a blu-ray disc is double the price of a regular dvd? If the movie wasn’t so awesome, I would’ve bought the standard dvd. But seeing that Dracula rock-opera in all its blu-ray glory was too good to pass up.

– JD


Ready or Not.
September 29, 2008, 7:44 pm
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I think I may have just wet myself.

– JD


They’re my new favorite sound because they get my soul dancing.
And I’m pretty sure they would do the same for you.

Fantasy basketball has started. I’m a little worried I’ll spend too much time with it, but it’s not like I have much choice. It’s like a really bad drug I can’t get enough of. That is, if I even knew what drugs felt like — which I don’t. I’m serious. I don’t.

I saw a trailer of the new movie, W, based on the life and times of George W. Bush. We already saw that movie, didn’t we? It was called Billy Madison. No really, it got me thinking. Who, in their right mind, would ever want to watch this movie? But realistically, someone more important than me decided that there would be a lot of people eager to watch this film. How he/she got to that conclusion, I’ll never know.

– JD

“I have a bracelet, too.”
September 26, 2008, 10:33 pm
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John Mccain, in a debate revolving around foreign policy, was not only supposed to win, he was supposed to win convincingly. He didn’t do either. If there was any doubt prior to the debate that Barack Obama could be our next president, there isn’t anymore.

I had my tv on, not really paying attention, using it as something to keep me company while I was on my laptop. And then I saw a reunion of sorts. I guess I was watching Extra or Access Hollywood, but on the screen was a conversation between Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. They were talking about Saved by the Bell and how iconic that show has become in pop culture. Weird. And yet, so awesome at the very the same time. I never thought I would see Zack and Slater in the same room again.

Next Monday is media day for the Lakers, which means one thing — training camp is here. The season is just around the corner and I’m sure you can already tell that I can barely control my excitement.

– JD

September 24, 2008, 8:35 pm
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I’m sure David Blaine is a really nice guy. And I’m sure he really needs the money. But is all of this truly necessary? What do they call him nowadays? He’s not a magician, because this definitely isn’t magic. He can’t be an “illusionist,” because that would suggest he wasn’t actually hanging upside down in Central Park, looking like a complete fool. I’m a fan of his “street magic”, but is this any different than what Wee-man and company do over at Jackass headquarters? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this “stunt” is worthy enough to be on primetime television with the likes of Dancing with the Stars and Knight Rider. Only television’s finest get that time slot.

His goal is to remain suspended in air, upside-down for 60 hours. And oh yeah, he’s allowed to take multiple breaks of up to 3 times an hour to regroup, get his blood flowing properly, and use the restroom. Did he forget to mention that? Yeah, not so amazing.

So I recently found out I owed money to CSULB for housing damages last semester. I had no idea what I could have possibly damaged. I thought it was ridiculous, so I refused to pay. Until they threatened me with expulsion.

– JD

Where’s Fluffy?
September 22, 2008, 10:57 pm
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Caught the advanced screening on campus for Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I had my doubts about the film. Let’s face it. It’s the new hip and trendy movie all your friends will be talking about in the next week or two. It’s catered to the adolescent teens and music snobs who swear they’ve heard of every band before you have. The reality is I went to see it because I didn’t want to pay 10 dollars to watch it later.

Turns out it wasn’t half bad. Probably because I had such low expectations for it. You would think people would get tired of the same character Michael Cera always seems to play — but they don’t. He’s so awkward, you can’t help but enjoy watching his performance. Kat Dennings seems like someone I would want to be friends with. We would get along well. SNLers Seth Myers and Andy Samberg made brief guest appearances, but they didn’t disappoint.

Oh yeah, about my last post where I said I was gradually getting better. Yeah, that’s no longer true.

– JD

Always Right?
September 21, 2008, 3:28 pm
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I haven’t been feeling too well the last couple days and consequently, have not been out much. I’ve had a bothersome cold, but it’s gradually getting a little better. Last night, I went to Papa John’s to pick up some pizza for me and the fam. As I walked in the door, I saw a customer yelling at one of the workers. Apparently, she wanted to pay with a $100 bill, but they didn’t accept bills that large. She was furious, yelling at the worker’s face and demanding she write down her full name. One would presume she would call and complain.

I always felt there had to be a fine line between the customer always being right and the customer acting like a complete asshole. I remember when I used to work a cashier, there was one woman who paid with a $100 bill. I started looking for that marker that determines whether the bill is real or not, and she immediately snatched the 100 out of my hands and paid with a smaller bill. Yeah, I’m guessing it was fake. I’m not necessarily suggesting the Papa John’s woman was using conterfeit money, but yeah, she probably was.

Anywho, I saw the trailer for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and while it looks slightly funny, I’ll be willing to bet most people will watch the movie thinking it’s an Apatow film. I’m here to remind you all that it’s not. Beware.

– JD