Anyone Else.
August 27, 2008, 8:56 pm
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As I was watching the Democratic National Convention earlier today, I was arranging some of my old art projects. It was on a commercial break, so I wasn’t paying too much attention to the television screen. But one commercial caught my attention. It sounded really familiar. Well, here, you take a look and see if you notice anything.

Sound familiar? I bet. That’s an exact copy of The Moldy Peaches‘ “Anyone Else But You” song made popular by that one movie about a pregnant girl. Except, it’s really bad and all the words were different — something about riding dolphins and playing golf. However, the song itslef was identical to the original. So I did a bit of investigating and found a statement that clears my curious mind from one of my favorite artists and Moldy Peaches singer Kimya Dawson.

“I guess by now many of you have seen the silly commercial
for the Atlantis resort. Sigh. Thanks for the outpouring of concern, but no
we were not ripped off. No one is getting sued. I have always been very
much against having my music in commercials. My solo music.
With The Moldy Peaches it is tricky because it isn’t
just me. I do say no most of the time, but every once
in awhile I have to be willing to compromise and be a group member
and not a total control freak. A couple years ago we did that French cell
phone commercial with all the soccer balls.
This time I agreed to the resort going poor mans Weird Al version of
‘Anyone Else But You’. I figured if I am going to be a team player
I am going to feel least like beating myself up if the words and voice
are not my own. It is just our melody. We were not involved in the rewrite.
Anyway, dolphins schmolphins, it’s done.
I bought my parents a car. So it goes.”

– J Diaz


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