In Closing.

And just like that, the Beijing Olympics of 2008 are over. It’s only been a few mintues and I already feel a huge void in my life. This is definitely the most memorable for me. I remember moments of Atlanta in 1996 and Sydney in 2000, and even more of Athens in 2004, but these have definitely been my favorite. There are so many great moments that are in my head, but it’s so difficult for me to even attempt to describe each one. I will instead jot down the things I will miss the most about the Olympics, in no particular order:

– Nastia Liukin
– the (quite obviously) underaged female Chinese gymnastics team
– May, Walsh, Dalhausser, and Rogers
– Michael Phelps
– Michael Phelps’ mom
– Redeem Team
– Natalie Coughlin
– Shawn Johnson’s eyebrows (she’s like a puppy)
– Usain Bolt’s victory “bow and arrow”
– China smog
– Diana Taurasi winning what I am pretty sure is the only gold medal ever won by a Don Lugo alum
– Bella Karoly’s analysis
– Ian Thorpe’s face when Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal
– the Olympic Village
– Alicia Sacramone’s meltdown
– opening ceremonies
– Dara Torres
– the moment I found out “race-walking” was an olympic sport
– fencing
– Kobe’s popularity
– Bob Costas
– Liu Xiang pulling out of the Olympics, causing television reporters to cry
– water polo
– the sound shot-putters make
– the javelin throw
– Chris Kaman playing for the German national team (he’s a US citizen)
– Chris Kaman’s dad rooting for the United States
– the marathons
– the bird’s nest
– pole-vaulting and high-jumping — both equally entertaining
– Jason Lezak in the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay
– the lip-synching little girl in the opening ceremonies
– German weightlifter Matthias Steiner kissing a picture of his late wife after winning gold

See you in London.

– J Diaz


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-Jeremy Warner, the white man J Diaz would have grown up to be.

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