August 17, 2008, 11:43 pm
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Yesterday, my cousin/niece/first cousin once removed/little bundle of joy challenged me to a game of Connect 4. “Great,” I thought, playing a little kids game with a little kid should be somewhat entertaining at the least. Her mom warned me she was good, but that’s what they all say. Turns out she really was good. Not good enough to beat me, but good nonetheless.

The game, when played correctly, can become quite intense and frustrating, involving a great deal of strategy.

After beating my first victim, my other cousin wanted in on the action. A group of onlookers surrounded us. And before you knew it, we were having a good ‘ol family tournament. Long story short, we played this game for a good portion of the night. It is quite addicting — so much that my dad decided he would go out and buy one. My new obsession.

– J Diaz


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ahahaha…yes that was rather entertaining watching you guys play..


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