A Day in the Life of a Street Performer.
April 16, 2008, 10:33 pm
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I want to spend an afternoon on the sunny sidewalks of the Santa Monica Pier playing my guitar with a top-hat laying in front of me, where strangers have the opportunity to spare me some of their change. If anything, I would do it simply out of curiosity. I always wondered how much money those people made in a day. It couldn’t be that much, but they don’t do it for the cash. I can see why they do it.

Chalk up another item on the summer to-do-list.

But you know what, if there was something that kept me from doing this, it would be those people things who act like robots. Intimidating? Yeah.

– J Diaz


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i think you should really do it…who cares if no one pays attention..do it because you love to play…and i will always listen to you play.


Comment by nprudente

colette loves you.

Comment by kimberls.

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