April 1, 2008, 11:53 pm
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For the last two years, I’ve been on a path — one with a direction that is still unclear. I mean, who really knows where they’re headed? No one does. Two years is virtually nothing to a lot of people, but I can honestly say that I am in a place that I could not have envisioned a couple years ago.

I clicked that “View All Friends” button on MySpace. You know, that button that you only press when you really have nothing better to do. In my defense, I had other, better, more important things to do. I just chose not to do them. But as I was scrolling, I came past a ton of aquaintances from high school, and something occured to me. Each one of those kids is doing their own thing. They’re all doing what they think is best for them at the moment. Each one of us has gone our separate ways and no matter which way we look at it, high school was merely a pit stop in our little lives. We like to put a lot of importance in those four years, but in reality, they don’t mean as much as many think.

It’s the same reason I love spending time in airports. I’m fascinated with the idea of thousands of people all headed towards somewhere. And like high school, airports serve as a place for all these people to connect and gather before they continue on with their lives.

Once graduation comes, or once your plane takes off, you simply forget about those people not worthy enough of staying in contact with. And if it weren’t for the few you may still occasionally share a cup of coffee with, it’s almost as if it all never happened.

– J Diaz


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